Safe food begins with safe feed

Katharine Dennis

June 7th is World Food Safety Day. Why is food safety important? When food safety is improved, we reduce hunger, malnutrition and infant mortality. It is recognised that children miss fewer days at school, adults increase their productivity and the pressure on healthcare systems is reduced. The theme for 2022 set by the World Health Organisation (WHO) and the Food and Agriculture Organisation of the UN (FAO) is ‘’Safer food, better health’’, to highlight the importance of preventing, detecting and managing foodborne risks in order to improve human health.

Safe food begins with safe feed. At Livalta we believe in providing responsible, high quality and safe feed ingredients. Our products provide excellent nutrition and functional benefits, vital to supporting optimal animal performance. Safe feed makes an important contribution to managing the risks to animal and human health. As part of AB Agri, Livalta is committed to leading globally on feed safety, supplying safe products, promoting transparent and consistent standards. Livalta are certified and independently audited against the GMP+ FSA scheme for the trade in feed materials and adhere to the standards set out by GMP+, which is a globally recognised feed safety certification scheme.

As we develop new responsible proteins using the latest science and technology, feed safety is at the heart of what we do, with everyone having a responsibility for maintaining the feed safety of our products. We collaborate closely with our suppliers at each stage of the process to ensure robust quality standards are in place. Suppliers are assessed on a routine basis in addition to being certified to a recognised feed safety scheme. We have comprehensive, risk-based quality control testing schedules in place to monitor nutritional quality as well as potential contaminants which could pose a threat to animal and/ or human health. By maintaining traceability through every part of our supply chain we have the ability to track our products, which would allow us to react quickly in the event of a feed safety incident. Working alongside feed safety, our team ensures all legislative and regulatory standards are met.

In a world that is changing so rapidly, with new ingredients and innovative production systems presenting new opportunities, it will remain vitally important Livalta and the whole agri-food industry continues to champion feed safety to deliver our part in the goal of "safer food, better health". Because food and feed safety is everyone’s business.

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