Transforming Ingredients

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is Livalta?

Livalta is an AB Agri company.

We’re here to improve global food production, both in the performance of feed and food protein ingredients and in finding more responsible ways to produce them.


does Livalta do?

We responsibly source and produce local, traceable proteins and transform them into functional, protein-rich feed and food ingredients using the latest scientific and technological innovations.


now Livalta?

Our high performance protein ingredients don’t just provide excellent nutrition, they also offer additional functionality; boosting performance and optimising wellbeing by supporting the healthy development of people and animals.

Introducing our responsible, high-performance ingredients


Our Mission

A promise for the future of agriculture

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alternative Protein with Additional benefits

ProtoCell (IDY M30)

LivaltaCell HY40


Formulated for:

Livalta™Cell HY40 brings together nutritional and functional yeast benefits. It is all about simple solutions to complex problems: it nurtures and protects the animal whilst contributing to profitability and convenience for a farmer or feed manufacturer. It is responsible and circular, carefully derived from selected non-GM strains of Saccharomyces cerevisiae.

  • High nutritional value of proteins, vitamins and minerals
  • Promotes gut development and functionality
  • Supports natural defences
  • Can contribute to a reduction in pathogen pressure
  • Provides synergies with other feed additives
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A perfect synergy of nutritional & functional yeast benefits

For Poultry, Swine & Aqua

Part of the ab agri Family

A global agri-food business employing over 3,000 people in the UK and overseas.

transforming ingredients

Helping farmers, feed manufacturers and nutritionists responsibly meet animal needs.