ProtoCell: a new generation functional protein for piglets

Hagen Schulze

We are all facing the protein challenge: feed a growing population while preserving our planet. At Livalta, we see this as the protein opportunity: using science and technology to develop and produce sustainable, high- quality, protein-rich ingredients for feed and food. And we always demand more: Our products offer additional functional properties, to support wellbeing and performance of animals.

What is ProtoCell?

Our ProtoCell is a functional and circular protein, highly suitable for the nutritional needs of piglets. Carefully developed from corn-based bioethanol co-product streams, it contains soluble and highly available corn protein (70%) together with yeast cells (30%), using an innovative, patented process. This provides a perfect synergy of plant protein and yeast, with nutritional and functional benefits.

Why did we make it?

ProtoCell is the result of years of research and development, deep-rooted technical knowledge, and a commitment to finding responsibly sourced, scalable alternatives to conventional protein-rich ingredients and to securing a sustainable future for the agri-food industry. ProtoCell is manufactured in a controlled environment; ProtoCell comes with the highest quality and traceability standards and is assured under recognised feed safety certification schemes.

What are the benefits for you and your piglets?

ProtoCell is a cost-efficient and sustainable alternative to animal or plant-based proteins protein ingredients bringing together the nutritional benefits of plant protein and the functional benefits of yeast.


ProtoCell provides:

Valuable protein source

  • Successful replacement of animal and plant protein concentrates (minimum 48% protein)
  • Consistent, high-quality source of digestible protein and amino acids

Significantly enhanced performance

  • Maintained high voluntary feed intake
  • Significantly improved early growth and sustained throughout
  • Consistent improvement in feed efficiency

Improved resilience

  • Maintained performance benefits during periods of stress
  • Contributes to the wellbeing of piglets

Improved profitability

  • Feed cost savings replacing fishmeal/ other expensive proteins
  • Improved margin over feed due to better or similar performances

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