LivaltaCell HY40 - the yeast with benefits

Hagen Schulze

No single product can replace antibiotics, maximize livestock’s genetic potential or overcome upcoming zinc oxide restrictions. But utilizing the full potential of feed ingredients can already get us a long way.

Our newly developed LivaltaCell HY40 is a yeast feed ingredient that effectively harvests the characteristics and benefits of both specialized Yeast Cell Wall and Yeast Extract products.

LivaltaCell HY40 is made from carefully selected Non-GM Saccharomyces cervices strains of the Brazilian bio-ethanol industry, characterized by a high yeast cell wall (40%) and protein (min 36%) content. A specifically developed and controlled enzymatic hydrolyzation and drying process of the entire yeast ensures maximum functionality of the yeast cell wall fractions and highest availability of the protein and other nutrients present inside the cell. This synergy of yeast nutritional and functional benefits can support the healthy development and well-being of our animals. LivaltaCell HY40 nurtures and protects. And as we all know, only healthy, happy animals can perform to their full genetic potential for growth and productivity.

LivaltaCell HY40:

livata cell

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