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Hagen Schulze

We, at Livalta, feel connected with our planet and people. That is why we want to contribute to nutritious, safe and affordable food and feed, produced in a responsible way. Our core competence lies in the development and production of high quality protein-rich ingredients: We produce new proteins such as algae with a better environmental footprint. We turn discarded co-products into circular, high value protein-rich ingredients. But we always demand more: Our products offer additional functional properties, to support optimal health, wellbeing and performance. Just like we, as Livalta, always want to offer more than is expected from us.

Our legacy

The development of functional, protein-rich ingredients will be our legacy, our heritage, which we pass on to the next generation and the generations thereafter. Our products facilitate the healthy development of animals and people and allow them to reach their genetic potential.

High quality protein

We can guarantee the high quality and traceability of our products. We control the full production process, from the sourcing of raw materials, through all processing steps, up to the packaging of the final product. We check every step, from start to finish, to ensure that our raw materials, our production processes and our final products meet our high quality and responsibility standards.

Functional benefits to reduce the use of antibiotics

Protein-rich ingredients – derived from legume seeds, algae, insects or single cell organisms - contain so much more than just protein; on average, 40-60% of a protein-rich ingredient is protein, the other half consists of minerals, vitamins, fatty acids, oligosaccharides and other carbohydrates. All these components can have beneficial functional properties and we work hard to enhance all functionalities to support the healthy development animals and people. The aim is to contribute to the reduction of the use of antibiotics and consequently the reduction of anti-microbial resistance.

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