Livalta – GMP + FSA assured

Lyn Probert-Ottewell

At Livalta™ we develop new, responsible proteins for feed and food using the latest science and technology. We seek to contribute to making our food systems more responsible, providing high quality, consistent, safe and affordable food and feed. We are therefore delighted to announce Livalta™ is now certified under the GMP+ FSA scheme to trade our flagship product, Livalta™Cell HY40.

As part of AB Agri, Livalta™ wants to supply safe products, promote transparent consistent standards and pioneer excellence through technology. We guarantee the high quality and traceability of Livalta™Cell HY40 by collaborating closely with our certified supplier. We check every step, from start to finish, to ensure that our raw materials, our specifically developed enzymatic production process and our final product not only meet GMP+ and global quality standards but exceed them. Certification under GMP+ will give our customers further confidence in the way that we work with our supply chain to ensure the delivery of safe animal feed.

As part of AB Agri we aspire to lead in feed safety and understand we all have a responsibility to make sure we deliver it.

Please contact us to find out how Livalta can help you responsibly meet your animals needs

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