Practical solutions: Livalta Cell HY40 in milk powders

Katharine Dennis

The benefits of Livalta Cell HY40 can be applied through milk powder

At Livalta, we have been receiving questions from our customers and partners whether our enzymatically treated yeast, Livalta™Cell HY40 can be applied through milk powder. This means, can it be mixed with milk powder and is it soluble?

What were the benefits of Livalta™Cell HY40 again?

Livalta™Cell HY40 is characterised by its high yeast cell wall content and high protein content (min 36%). A specifically developed manufacturing process ensures maximum functionality of the yeast cell wall fractions and highest availability of the protein and other nutrients present inside the cell. This synergy of yeast nutritional and functional benefits can contribute to the healthy development and well-being of our animals.

We have studied the practicalities of adding Livalta™Cell HY40 into milk powder and found:

  • Livalta™Cell HY40 can be added to milk powder with no impact on the colour of the milk powder or liquid.
  • Livalta™Cell HY40 can be easily and evenly mixed into milk powder and liquid.
  • Adding milk powder containing Livalta™Cell HY40 to liquid did not have any impact on the accumulation of residues.
  • Milk powder containing Livalta™Cell HY40 was found to be freely soluble in water.



In summary, the benefits of Livalta™Cell HY40 can be utilised in nutrition through the addition via milk powders.

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