Livalta Cell HY40 Colour

Katharine Dennis

Livalta’s hydrolysed yeast product, Livalta™Cell HY40, is produced in Brazil from yeast cream, a co-product from the fermentation of sugar cane in the bioethanol and sugar industries. At Livalta, we turn this co-product into a responsible, circular, high value, functional feed ingredient.

Why does the colour vary?

As Livalta™Cell HY40 is produced from a co-product, the production system has an impact on the colour of the yeast cream which also influences the colour of Livalta™Cell HY40. Several factors can cause colour variation in the yeast cream but variation in the fermentation process for ethanol and the level of molasses used are the main influence. The fermentation process for ethanol uses sugar cane juice (from sugar cane processing) or molasses (from sugar production), and where molasses is used a darker yeast cream is produced. Whether sugar cane juice or molasses are used for ethanol production depends on the market demand for sugar, with a high demand for sugar resulting in molasses rather than sugar cane juice being used in ethanol production.


Does the colour of Livalta™Cell HY40 affect its quality?

No – the colour of the finished product does not impact the quality or functionality of Livalta™Cell HY40. We have comprehensive, risk-based quality control testing schedules in place and all finished product is routinely analysed to ensure it meets the specification including protein level.

What is the colour of Livalta™Cell HY40?

Livalta™Cell HY40 is a beige to brown colour.


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