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Valerie Schuster

Livalta develops new, responsible proteins for feed and food using the latest science and technology. We seek to contribute to making our food systems more responsible, meeting the needs of our people and planet. We source and produce local, traceable proteins from vegetable co-products, insects, algae, and single cell organisms and transform them into high value feed and food ingredients.

A growing population brings about the need for new, better proteins to feed our people in a nutritious, safe and affordable way without destroying our planet. Maintaining a responsible food system, also for generations to come, means to reduce our carbon footprint and to preserve biodiversity as well as our land and water resources. This is often called the “protein challenge”.

At Livalta, we think of it as the “protein opportunity”: New technologies and advancements in science provide the opportunity to do better and create better, more responsible proteins. Responsibly sourcing local by-produce across the world, we give new value to crops and co-products. We aim to create new protein – like algae, insects, single cell organisms – in a cost effective way by building cutting-edge science and technology platforms together with our partners around the world.

We make that protein work harder and we look for additional functionality. Then, working closely with our customers from the feed and food industry we aim to help them make responsible, informed decisions for excellent nutrition.

Livalta was founded on September 1st, 2020, as a small start-up under the umbrella of AB Agri and ABF Being part of a larger, diverse organization enables us to develop new products efficiently. It also facilitates our operational tasks and customer support.

Please contact us to find out how Livalta can help you responsibly meet your animals needs

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